Eco weddings Planning your wedding can be the best time to be ecofriendly.Alone.Ecochic weddings presents the quick, simple, and easytofollow tips you need to make your wedding socially responsible.This indispensable guide gives you the choice, comfort, and chance to share your own unique style for a truly memorable wedding. Going green doesn't mean you need to spend the green.Ecochic weddings provides all the resources you need to create your environmentally friendly and fun celebration on a budget, such as: From the location Where Do You Get Bridesmaid Dresses to the dress to the menu, there are dozens of easy ways to make your wedding beautiful and still reflect your personal beliefs in sustainable living.Ecochic weddings will show you how to craft your perfect day. Minimize the amount of driving for your guests by holding the Mother of the Bride Dresses this page ceremony and reception in one spot.Sometimes this just isn't possible.For example, your church won't allow you to have a champagne toast or an open bar at your reception.In that case, choose a reception site that doesn't require guests to drive to another town. For the reception itself, consider local beer and wine rather than their imported equivalents. Many people who go for an eco wedding select a vegan menu for their guests on the basis that the land, its resources and water are directly responsible for providing the food.