National (click here) relationship psychology 'Excuse me, ' I hear as I am making my daily trek down the stairs to the muggy and smelly NYC subway platform.I turn towards the voice, most likely with an agitated look on my face.The voice belongs to a guy who looks vaguely familiar, but whose face i can not place.As i come to a stop on the platform he approaches me and says, 'you're tiffany, right?' 'Oh God', I think and roll my eyes to myself(Guess i'm going to have to start leaving the house in disguise).Outwardly, i smile and before i can answer, he says, 'you went to georgetown, right?' Ding.He had me. 'Have We met?' I proceed cautiously.He nods.'Where?' I ask.He says, 'i Can't remember the place, must have been somewhere in dc, but your name came To me as soon as i saw you.' That's because I look exactly the same, I smile To myself.What folloWed was an enjoyable four-STop-Train-Ride conversation about dc, georgeTown, howard university(His alma mater), a full-Fledge get-To-Know-You, perhaps-We-Can-Hook-Up-Again initiative.As it turned out, we knew many of the same people.It wasn't until we had exchanged cards and i was getting off at my stop that he motioned to getoutofthemud my jacket.In shock and awe, i realized that he didn't know me at all.He had read my name and university on a name label on my jacket from my last ny georgetown club event!Clever, very clever indeed. Clearly, mr.Howard u.Realizes that there is an art to the pick-Up.Most people either try for Cheap Tiffany Rings humor and end up delivering a line that is flippant('Girl, you're so tall.Can i climb you?')Or they stick with the tried and true('Hi, my name is _____.May i buy you a drink?'). By the way, in this scenario if you have to make a choice, opt for a good old fashioned'hi.' After all, it has been shown to work just as well.In fact, the research suggests that a woman who is seeking a long-Term mate may view the suitor who uses a flippant line as humorous and social;However, she is also more likely to rate him lower on trustworthiness and intelligence. Michael cunningham, a psychology professor at the university of louisville, has spent many years studying the success rate of various approaches and lines.In the 1980s his graduate students went out to bars and clubs to do Tiffany Earrings Sale OK 'field research'. He concluded that the direct approach was the best.Louis, who is quoted in sex:A man's guide, by stefan bechtel, has been studying courtship since the late '70s.She says that women have sized you up and decided whether or not they will sleep with you within the first few seconds of meeting you.According to dr.Moore, regardless of the line you use, you can tell if she's interested by her body language:Classic licking lips, coy smile, eye brow flash, short darting glances, and her running her fingers through her hair. If you want to stand out from the crowd, be sure to deliver a pick-Up line that has all the great characteristics of a stellar campaign and that utilizes subtle persuasive techniques that may pique someone's interest:Humor, emotional connectivity, wit, likeability, and intelligence.Obviously, impromptu pick-Up lines are not ideal.You should always be armed with a couple of your tried and true.And, just like any good presenter, you must practice, refine, and practice some more.