Best wedding Evening venue and 5 star treatment We recently held our wedding at villa mathis and were very pleased with everything organised.We hired out the whole venue for a lot of our wedding guests for at least four nights and were treated so well by the staff.Bruno and his wife were very welcoming and put in extra effort even on the wedding night.It went off without a hitch.The styling of the villas and separate rooms were second to none.All luxury.Pierre the manager waited on all of our needs without a complaint highly recommended for luxury accommodation and wedding for around 60 people.Our guests too commented on how happy they were with the whole package.Thank you bruno, lilka and your staff. Room Australia tip:No television available We had a very smooth time in the villa mathis the entire stay(10 days)Went off without a hitch.We would highly recommend this beautiful location to anyone wanting a true bali experience.Pierre antoine(Manager)Is a wonderful host who was always available to us whenever we had any questions and Evening Dresses Australia was always helpful.We could not be more pleased, thank you pierre! From being collected at the airport for express service to settling into the room, the staff were courteous, friendly and well informed.The room was stunning.It was dominated by a huge 4 poster bed with a very comfortable mattress and top bedding as you would expect.The room had attached a lovely outdoor shower/sink/wc bathroom and then a second outdoor bathroom containing a liberally cushioned daybed and an enormous stone tub open to the skies.If i had a reason to get 30 friends together in bali i would definitely do it here.The spa treatments(Massages)Were decent but i have had better in other day spa's and hotels in bali.The bar did make a lovely"Special"Cocktail for me one night but i never knew the name.Had the food and spa been as good as the grounds i would probably never leave the hotel.And i do intend to stay again.Particularly if i can get 30 friends to join me! There are Cheap Quinceanera Dresses Australia few experiences in life that literally leave you wondering whether you've officially departed from reality.The kind of experience that is followed by a strong pinch to see if you're dreaming.This is the state our romantic dinner at villa mathis left us in.Boy was i wrong.The staff went to incredible lengths to create the mood and setting.Hundreds of flower petals lined the walk to our gazebo draped in white.Our names were written in rose petals, along with designs of hearts and other painstaking artwork.We sat next to a gorgeous infinity pool, with trees glowing from countless hanging lanterns.Aside from the soft music playing in the background, the gardens were silent.An absolute fairytale.My fiance probably would have given me"Man of the year award", but I had nothing to do with it!Thanks lilke!The dinner that followed only added to the incredible evening.Fresh prawns.Delicious greens.Succulent chicken cordon bleu.Balinese wine.What perhaps made the stay most memorable for me(Aside from the breathtaking pools and gorgeous rooms)Was the staff.Always friendly.Always looking to engage in a conversation and so genuinely willing to share.He handled everything from rose petal art to pouring wine.From top to bottom, owner to butler, they treat you like royalty and family at the same time, and it does not go unnoticed.18 'Deluxe'(From 50m2)Alldifferent, most of the gardens withopen bathroom with tub and shower, air conditioning, individual safe box, hairdryer, bathrobes, decorative craftwith materials traditional local furnitureand modern.Each villa can be privatized for groups or families(4 and 5 bedrooms villas)More