Idbi bank's pe foray this year Idbi bank's Pandora Beads pe foray this year , There is lot of opportunity or promotion in the sector, We are keen to enter private equity finance and we will be aggressive in it in 2007 08, IDBI Bank chairman pandora Bracelets: and preventing director. V p shetty said on the side lines of the bank's annual general meeting, just yesterday.The bank said it will restart its mutual fund business combined with its subsidiary idbi capital markets, the bank holds 65% in the new venture, the approval for which is anticipated in september. Shetty shown, responding to a shareholder's query. "Shetty said the bank does not possess any plan to raise any money through a follow on issue right now(There is immediate plan as there's really no elbow room), To dilute justness. Shetty referred to.The us government holds 52.71% in IDBI Bank presently. Public sector banks like idbi will need a minimum of 51% government holding as per regulations. "Idbi bank plans to enhance its business to rs 2 lakh crore by 2012 from rs 1 lakh crore currently, our aim is also to increase the share of current and piggy bank in total deposits to 28% this year from 25% last year. Shetty pointed out. "The bank expects to get a go ahead from irda for its an insurance plan joint venture with fortis and federal bank in the next four months.We have no plans to merger with ifci nowadays.There isn't pressure, in spite of this, we will keep our eyes open for any income opportunity that great deals on pandora charms comes, shetty menti one d. Responding to a shareholder's question(Shetty is also upbeat on the service)Full length movie of, operate. "Having invested 102 films till now, our total exposure to the celebration industry now is 300 crore and there are no defaults. Shetty Buy Pandora Charms understood. "Shetty also does not expect rates to rise from here.Interest rates have peaked for the forseeable future and may not go up, in fact rates may soften because of easy liquidity.Shetty discussed.Liquidity in the money markets have eased dramatically with call rates falling below 1% this week